Monday, April 21, 2008

Still working..

I'm still working on the accessories and pieces for my mother hubbard set. I know it may not look like much but the knots decorating the cheek pieces on the bosalita above took me 5 days to complete! The hardest ones are the double row interweaves. Weaving knots on a base as thin as 1/16th" is daunting to say the least. I've made and destroyed at least 5 knots in order to get them just right. This marks the firs ttime i've decorated a bosal "hanger" with knots up the side and I'm pleased with how it turned out.
I do know that the mecate isn't tied correctly.. I just wanted to see how the colors all looked together. The mecate isn't finished of course.. still working on it.
I have started on another halter that will be for sale on ebay in the coming month. I need the moola so there will be pieces for sale throughout the year this year.. :-)
Starting last Thursday, my husband and I have been attempting to put The Boy on a new schedule. I've tried really hard to factor in his natural rythms of sleeping and eating so that the schedule isn't too jarring to him. It's been a bit rough because we're trying to get him to nap at certain times and eat at certain times and I'm not getting as much sleep but I'm sure in the long run this will all pay off. I fall more in love with him with each day :-)
I normally mention the weather around here because it's been a bit "kooky" but this time, I'm going to mention the Earthquake that hit on Friday morning at 5:36am. I am a light sleeper, especially now that I have munchkin and I felt/heard every rattle. I just remember seeing my bedroom door shake in it's hinges as I saw light come through the top and the bottom of the door jam. The kitties seemed annoyed as if their humans had shaken the house on purpose. When I went to see if my husband felt the quake, they meowed at me questioningly.
I seem to recall that the last time Louisville felt an earthquake was in the Late 70's early 80's when I was a little girl but I just can't remember the exact year. I do remember looking at my model horse collection hoping that it didnt' fall over.. I did the same thing this time too.. Nothing fell over and our china even stayed in place. I have no idea how since the quake shook the door so hard. Mr boy slept through it for once.. I envied him :-)
Supposedly there was another 4.something earthquake this morning at 1am but I definitely didn't feel that one. Mr Boy was a handful yesterday so I was sleeping for all I was worth!

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