Sunday, April 13, 2008

stop... and go!

This week has been a "stop and go" week. I am the kind of person that loves routine and "sameness". I like the days to be the same as the day before so that I can plan studio time and feeding times and nap times etc etc. "Mr boy" has a different idea. He's a fire sign afterall so he likes to change things up. The "experts" keep telling me to put him on a schedule, which I do.. for a day.. and then he changes it by sleeping longer than usual or wanting food sooner than the schedule would dictate. I'm trying very hard to keep up with him.. He's started to be fussier and more demanding and sleeping less. So the "sameness" that I cherish is out the window :o)

I got a second bit shank done and It looks very similar to the first. I'm pleased about that. After I got the bit shank finished however, I started getting less sleep. I am a cranky cuss if I don't get good sleep (my poor hubby!).. and well, I'm going on four months now of spotty sleep. It takes very little to disrupt my sleep schedule and get my brain spinning, which means I can't go to sleep right away. This means that I haven't gotten to the connector bar for the bit because my brain can't come up with one yet.

I have started the mecate for the bosalita (which I've also almost finished - just needs some more knots). I think it looks great but I'm having a problem with keeping the twist tight. I have never been a mechanical engineer mentally but I really want to come up with some kind of miniature machine to make these because I'm getting tired of failing with doing it by hand.. LOL! (well, "failing" to my standards) Some kind of thing with gears and adjustability.. I'm babbling.. I know..

Last week at the model horse show I did pretty good! My halter string is fairly decent for this area and I was pleased with the placings. My two performance entries did pretty good.. a first and a third! I was very pleased until Vicky Norris pointed out some glaring flaws with it! LOL! I am both embarrassed and grateful to her for the advice and I'll be sure to pass them onto Kay since I used her roping set. (THANK YOU KAY! and trust me, now I can make the whole setup even better!). The ropes need to be longer for one thing and the end of the ropes need to be made differently.. But above is a picture of the set on my "Pretty Consecutive" with my new cowboy doll. (Who needs new clothes...)
Hopefully this week will be better and I can get more accomplished.
TOmorrow "mr boy" goes to the pediatrician. I am not looking forward to it because he's getting shots. I don't know who gets more upset.. me or him!!

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