Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a few things

I know, that second picture has nothing to do with model horse tack. It does, however, have everything to do with my life now. I never understood why an art career has to take a back seat to children. I do now. Munchkins need constant supervision once they learn to crawl, and one is so mentally tired when munchkin goes down for a nap that doing art, or anything for Mom is really put on the back burner.

I did play around with my new alpaca yarn and making a cinch. It's been about 2 years since I made my last one and it's taking me some time to figure it all out again. I have no idea how long this cinch is going to take me but it'll be cool when it's done.

I haven't had the time or the mental capacity to learn spinning yet. There are several ways of using a drop spinner and it's going to take me a few hours of focus to do it. Problem is that I just don't currently have a few hours of focus to give it.

I was feeling very very creative yesterday for a few hours and I sat down and did a few sketches. nothing earth-shattering, or even good but I do see how photography has taught my eye to see much better. When I turn back towards model horse tack and saddle patterns I can see that I'm going to have to redo them.. again..

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