Friday, October 03, 2008

I am really trying...

The above Cinch was taken from a High Noon Catalog. I in no way take credit for the photo or the cinch.

That said, the cinch represents what I want to attempt for my mother hubbard II saddle. I have no earthly idea how it's made, or how I'm going to get that kind of decoration on a miniature cinch. I am re-learning how to make a cinch, using Carol Williams' kit from . I made two the last time I made one for the Mother hubbard I set. ONe practice, one production cinch.

This time, I'm using completely different materials than just the dmc floss as recommended by Carol. I'm using Alpaca yarn and dmc floss on the practice cinch, which was shown in the last blog post. I've learned alot so far.. namely that one has to be VERY careful to not pierce the yarn.

I've been working on how to weave the decorations but I haven't figured it out yet. I worked on it for about an hour this morning while munchkin slept, but I didn't get a lot accomplished. He's only sleeping an hour at a time now, which for a miniature maker, is like a flash in the pan.

I totally miss those days when I could bang my head against something for a couple of hours straight. That really went a long way towards figuring something out and making my work as detailed as possible. Not that I'd trade him for the world.. just lamenting a bit..

I almost don't want to post that photo because I have no idea if I'll be able to copy it in some way, but now that I've posted it, I have to..

The Model horse market right now has crashed. I can't sell a danged thing! LOL!! I really need some kind of money coming in but that isn't happening. I know though, that I'm not the only one..

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