Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.....

("new year", pencil)
and that is definitely true for the cinch I'm working on. I know that I'm not alone when I say that making that cinch was much easier to create in my head. Meaning, that even though I *thought* I knew how I was going to make it, it's not the way it's turning out at all.
I've made two cinches so far and neither are good enough. I decided to "retrain" my brain to weave and see what I could come up with from there. I've broken out the ole bead loom and I'm working on a native arabian halter. Now I know that the two don't seem to be related at all, but they are. They are both woven. So in making something that I already know how to make to boost my confidence and get my brain retrained, I will learn how to make the cinch I want. I do this a lot with things so I know this will work. (like the braided bridle and the braided halters which I worked on simultaenously).
Above is a drawing that I did when I was in my early 20's. Like a lot of folks, I desperately wanted to be a fine artist when I was younger. Unfortunately, while I had the talent, I was too insecure and immature to go to art school and really make it my path and hone my skills. I was too busy rebelling against authority to see that I was screwing up my "artistic" future. Luckily I fell into Technology and was able to make a living despite myself.
In learning photography, I've actually deepend my drive to make miniatures. I don't want to lose the skill of being able to make them like I lost the skills to draw and render well. It took me a few months to really realize that I missed making miniatures immensely. I will be more focused on them in the future. I've worked very hard to get where I am and I don't want to lose the skills that I've obtained.
I sold the above drawing as a donation for an Arabian Horse Rescue and I've lost track of it. The scan above is all I have of it, and it was done at a time when technology was not able to the drawing very well. (thus all of the white spots you see). I hope that the person that has it now cherishes it as much as I do :-)

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