Saturday, October 18, 2008

Real Quick!

I watched a biography on Frank Lloyd Wright this evening on the Ovation Network. I feel really inspired after seeing it. I had only ever glanced at the outside of a Wright Building and they felt too modern and "ugly" to me. This evening, they showed the insides and the view from the windows.. I was floored.. I absolutely loved it!!

It has inspired me to maybe thing about a western saddle set (or maybe parade..hmmm.....)after I'm finished with my current project. I "feel" like maybe a fern motif or something that is definitely nature inspired.

I'm still banging my head against the weaving but I actually made a mental breakthrough today. I'll finish up the current weaving I have for a native arabian halter and then move forward to another one using what I "think" will be a new technique. I don't want to reveal it yet because I have no idea if it'll work. Above is the current halter being woven..

In case you're interested, Susan Bensema Young updated her page this evening with the most beautiful bridle and breastcollar set!!! go see! go on.....

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