Monday, March 16, 2009

Quick Update

Last week and into this weekend and today, my family has been very sick. THe baby has a double ear infection and double pink eye that all came on very suddenly. (within 24 hours). He also had a temperature of 101F this morning. Last week my husband and I had a weird stomach flu, where we were nauseaus and lost our appetites... So it's been a trying time.

I have gotten SOME Stuff done in the studio, such as finishing up the romel reins and mentally moving forward with the halters for the NAN auction. I've got part of it designed in my head and I'll be working more dilligently on them in the coming weeks.

Above are pictures of the finished romel reins on the headstall they belong to.


  1. The bridle and reins are stunning! I'm sorry you and family were sick and hope you're all fine soon.

  2. I have some Spanish horses that NEED this set! Amazing, gorgeous work as usual Heather. WOW!


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