Thursday, May 28, 2009

Finished North American Model Horse Nationals Auction Donation

These are the finished
photos of my 2009 North American Model Horse Nationals Auction donation. I also added a "Hand of Hamesh" horse "necklace" that one can put on their horse to ward off the evil eye. I originally saw a necklace like this on an arabian in a photo of in Arabian Horse World and I've wanted to make one ever since! :-)

These are the descriptions:

Green and Yellow Native Arabian Halter

This halter was hand woven on a bead
loom. IT is lined with real professionally dyed leather so that it will not mark up your model. It features 17 Hand made, Real silver "sharks teeth" that have been coated to retard tarnishing. The Cowrie shells and "flower" medallions were all hand made using leather, sculpey and marble beads. The beads on either side of the halter above the tassels are also real silver that has been sealed. The tassels on the end of the halter on each side were hand wrapped. It fits the Breyer Huckleberry Bey Mold and similar sized models.

Arabian Show Halter

This arabian show halter features all real silver beads, plates and conchos that have been sealed to retard tarnishing. The Conchos were hand made by me and feature real swarovski crystals. The thin noseband is also real silver and patterned after the real show halters seen in today's arabian show rings. The halter also has a tiny, working roller buckle at the poll with two keepers. This halter fits the Breyer Huckleberry bey and similar sized heads.

Woven knot and silver show halter

This halter has real silver, hand etched plates, real swarovski crystals, and real woven, two colored turks head knots. It also boasts real silver hand made buckles, keepers, tips and accents on the throatlatch. It is five way adjustable and has a basketweaved crown
piece. The matching lead will run through the halter rings and out the bottom just like the real thing. It fits the Breyer Lady Phase and similar sized heads.

Hand of Hamesh

The Hand of Hamesh is used to block the "Evil Eye" and be under the protection of "The Hand of God". IT's used on horses as a good luck symbol. This necklace was made using real lapis lazuli and the "hand" itself is real silver and was hand made. The crystal is a swarovski crystal.

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    I'm totally going to have to bid because I just love your work and these pieces are just spectacular!!!


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