Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Progress on the NAN Native Halter......

I have gotten some things done on my NAN Donation Native Halter. First of all, I've gotten it pieced together and the backing on the halter itself. I was going to use ribbon, but in the past I've had ribbon come unglued from the back of the halter. This time I used some leather lacing and that seemed to work out great!

Above, next to the dime, you'll see a tiny "sharks tooth" decoration for the halter. Yes, I'm making my own sharks teeth out of silver. I know that one can buy this stuff from Rio Rondo but I really want this halter to be made by me as much as possible. In fact thats my goal for future miniature tack. The more I make it myself, the more "authentic" I feel it becomes.

The first time I made these, I wanted to pull my hair out! I've gotten a lot more adept with the dremel since then and these aren't taking me nearly as long. The hard part is getting a hole at the top because I don't own a drill press.

I'm hoping against hope I can eek out a western show halter but it's going to be close..

I am still not getting a whole lot of sleep thanks to munchkin. Instead of sleeping for about 12 hours overnight, he only sleeps eight yet we can't get him to stay up past 7pm.
So my husband and I are definitely seriously sleep deficient..

If you haven't seen it yet, Nicanor, a full younger brother to Barbaro broke his maiden in his forth start and won by 15 lengths! Yes, I'm a sap, and I cried when I watched the video.. He had his ears up the whole way on the backstretch and was really enjoying himself on the grass! Watch it here:

I Hope that he has a long and successful career as both a racehorse and a sire!

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