Tuesday, August 04, 2009


ok.. No pics but a quick paragraph or two...

I throroughly enjoyed the Shelbyville Horse Show, this past Saturday, Aug 1st held in Shelbyville, KY. My pictures aren't as good as last year because there was no sun. Most years, we're DYING in the Sweltering August Kentucky Heat, but this year, it's been more rain than anything. I would've at least liked for it to be partly cloudy so that I could get some interesting light.. but alas, no such luck.. I have a lot of photos to go through but I've tweaked three that I'll be putting up on ye olde Photography blog. I'm also out of practice for photography, which I'll have to fix soon!

Secondly, the Black, blue and white braided bridle is coming right along. I had a setback in that I made the throatlatch too short so that had to be taken apart and restarted but it's (The throatlatch) finished as of 4pm est this afternoon. Onto braiding and making the reins and browband!

There is a strong possibility that I will be able to take a custom order in November and if that goes ok, I'll try it again in January 2010.. so stay tuned!

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