Sunday, November 29, 2009

A little more Blather Regarding the Bridles.

The Blue, Black and White bridle was one that I envisioned almost a year ago in December 2008. it took me this long to actually execute it. I did a little drawing of how I wanted the bit and the bridle to go and then put it in my stack of inspiration and moved forward to other projects... Learning to interweave knots is one of the most gratifying of my skills and I'm so glad that I took that "leap".

The bit is hand made by me out of silver. I also hammered it a bit for the first time and it's more "3-d" than you can see in the photo. I also made the browband a bit thicker so that it was a bit more of an "accent" on the forehead. Maybe eventually there will be a saddle and a saddle pad to match but for right now, it's a stand alone piece.

I want to move towards more pieces that only utilize bits and buckles that I make. Unfortunately, Munchkin doesn't like the sound of the dremel and I can only work with the dremel when he's awake and downstairs with Anthony. Now that I'm working, that rarely happens though. I see so little of both of them now, that I just wait until RJ goes to sleep to work in the studio, and even then I need to do "quiet" things. (Braiding, of course, is perfect for this! LOL!)

The Bridle with the red and turquoise was the brainchild of and belongs to Alicia Vogel who is a really really talented artist in her own right. The bridle is partially a trade for a Jennifer Buxton Dressage saddle. (as if I need another.. I have two others already! LOL! Have I mentioned that I collect tack?) There will be a matching breastcollar when I get to do dremel work again...

The last bridle the brown one, belongs to Morgen Kilbourne. If you read her blog recently, you know that she's really happy to have it, which of course thrills me beyond belief!! I have to say that I really love that Hazel Resin of her's. So versatile really and so much personality in that face! I can't wait to make a set for her of my own! The bridle was a trade towards a Hazel resin and I appreciate Morgen (AND ALICIA's) patience..

There is one last trade to complete and thats with the talented painter, Chelsea Nichols. She is thankfully trading me for some paint jobs on some of my unpainted resins. Her trade involves a western pleasure set and that'll hopefully be started by the new year.. (provided I Stay well and bub is well and I continue to have the time that I have).

The new job is really great.. I'm not just saying that either. So far everyone has been exceptionally helpful and patient with me and in turn I've tried my hardest to learn things quickly and not ask too many stupid questions. I've never been in such a helpful work atmosphere and I'm really enjoying it.. If I have to work instead of being in the studio then this is the job that I want.. It's only a few minutes from RJ's daycare as well.

I have been getting up at 4:30am so that I can work out, then get dressed, then get bub fed and dressed, get anthony out the door and then finally us out the door and get to work Then I get home at around 4:45 and it's time for dinner and then bub gets a bath and finally goes to bed.. so my days are full to say the least!

Next month (er.. tuesday....) Munchkin turns 2!! So big already, I can't believe it! And he's in "Parrot" Mode so I have to watch what I say when driving.. LOL!

Anyway, I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season!!

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  1. Dang, girl! If you want some of my tack, you ought to trade with ME! That dressage saddle should be fine, though. I don't think it's all that old--maybe just a year or two. I think I've made some substantial improvements in that time, and I kind of hate to see people buy (or trade for) my old work based on my new standards...


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