Sunday, February 26, 2012

I swear that I "did stuff" this weekend..

But my pictures are still on my camera because I can't find my cable to transfer them to my machine.  So... you'll have to take my word for it that I worked on stuff! LOL

Ok.. my projects in the works are:

1. 1/6th scale bridle on one of the 1/6th scale rio rondo bits.  it's been interesting to readjust my thinking to a larger scale.  It feels so coarse to me but it's in scale..

2. I did make a 1/6th scale bosal. It, in my estimation, was very crude. because I didn't use the right amount of strands for the bosal itself but the heel knot turned out lovely.  I am working on this because of a trade for a resin.

3. Still working on the billets for chelsea N's saddle.  I can only tool so long before my hands completely give out and are sore.  Mostly my right hand because I'm not yet ambidexterous with tooling :0)

4. Donatoin for Model Horse Mania.  Simple Silver and woven knot western show halter.  I did a lot of silver etching for that today.

5. trying to come up with something for a give-away for all of my blog folks and my yahoo group folks.  So far it looks like a simple mecate or a set of romel reins.

6. Replacement for a friend's green braided bridle that I made a good 12 years ago...  I get started on it and then I decide that it's not good enough so it goes by the wayside...

So there you go. 6 Simultaneous projects.  I don't normally work like that but for whatever reason my brain wants to do that now..

I must apologize to those folks that I've apparently offended by posting about my trouble with getting through my grief.  I'll try to keep the posts on the lighter side from now on..

I again changed the background on the blog.  I hate the new templates.  I really need to come up with a customized one but as you can see from above.. I'm busy! LOL  I also REALLY need to revamp my website.  I think I post about doing that once a year but there just are not enough hours in the day!!

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