Saturday, February 18, 2012

So much to say that I dont even know where to start..

Above are Photos of the Model Horses anonymous donation on an actual breyer model.  I forget sometimes that people need to see my work "in context"..

I have so much to say and blog that I don't even know where to start.. so this post will be short until I have time to blather on a bit more.

The high noon auction was at the end of january and the highest selling piece was a really, exquisite pitidado saddle with silver thread owned by Pancho Villa. (verified by his one and only "legal" wife).

I thought that I had really turned a corner with my grief from my dad's death but I've "back slid" and I'm feeling really down again.  I hear a lot of the cliche phrases that are supposed to help one through; but I don't have any idea how to disconnect from my emotions.  I have never ever been able to do so... I'm too sensitive.  Some days that is a curse, and some days that is a blessing.. :-)  Everyday it makes my life harder than it has to be so I pat myself on my back for every day that I get up, and go to work and try to "act normal".

The studio work has really helped and I've really thrown myself back into it.. coming soon will be more "in progress" photos of Chelsea N's reining saddle..  I've now learned so much about creating the sheridian style of tooling in miniature!!  So many ideas.. so few hours in the day!!

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