Sunday, October 13, 2013

Akhal Teke Guest Breed Weekend at the KHP 2013

Yesterday I was able to get to the Kentucky Horse park early enough to get a few good photos of the Akhal Tekes that came to visit from all over the United States. (TX, WA and IN).  They were filming a "Horse Flicks" special on endangered Breeds.  I had been following the idea on the Akhal Teke Yahoo group so I was looking forward to this Saturday for some time!

I have watched the Akhal Teke Episode that was filmed in 2006 and funny enough, I appear in the video while petting the stallion Pieter. (Totally embarrassed when I saw it! LOL!)

The Tekes this year didn't disappoint!  Even better, the sun was out so their coats lit up with that legendary sheen!

I only remember a few of the horse's names because I was so excited about being there. (Even dropped and broke my favorite canon lens due to being so excited)

There will be a lot more photos up on my website after I get through them all.  Above are just a few that I was able to tweak and get up really quickly..

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