Saturday, October 05, 2013

Soooo Soorrryyyy!!!!

So sorry that this blog has suffered!  I've been exceptionally busy and I apologize for that.  I have gotten a raise and a promotion at work which comes with more responsibility and work.

Every weekend for the past month I've been swamped with either work or a horse show..  and I am still playing pool on sundays.  I'm more busy than I've ever been in my life and I have no idea when it'll calm down!!!

Precious little time has been spent in the studio...  Just working with my GRS block and my dremel graver, which I hate.  My hand hates it too.  I'm hoping that I can find a better engraving solution than the ones that I'm presented right now.

And I'm tired.  I'm deep down tired... so I haven't posted a lot. 

The Photos above are from the Arabian Celebrationi a couple of weeks ago.  I took about 3k photos but I haven't gone through them yet.

I hope things are good in your neck of the woods!!

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