Saturday, April 22, 2017

I'm better.. and i'm trying :)

I finally got the reins completed on my braided bridle. That weird piece over to the left is the connector for the reins.  I had headaches and shoulder aches this morning and most of today so I was not as productive as I would've liked.  Low pressure weather really wreaks havoc on my body.  So I had to take headache meds and it made me unable to create a good knot so I just stopped.

Hope that you have a great weeked!


  1. Lot of work in those reins!! Congratulations on getting this far! That is one beautiful piece.

  2. I need to raise some serious money and get some tack from you and a few other tack makers. I am so sick of the junk I have. UGH!

    Great work btw


Thanks for saying so!