Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Sooo... thinking about learning to sculpt...

I want to learn to sculpt.  Because Clearly I need another hobby.(HA) I know that's a weird statement from a miniature tackmaker but I am saving and saving to retire soon and when I do, I want to do more "regular" art.  I put up this board probably in early june and started filling it with sculpting references.  I also have been rabidly watching Morgen Kilbourn R's videos and Sarah Minkiewicz B's work to sort of mentally figure out how things may go together.

I wanted to do a cantering arabian on the bit like the photos above.. and then I found out this week that the ultra talented Monika West is working on a sculpture in this exact pose right now. Mine will probably NOT be as good as her's so no worries there.. lol  And My first few sculpts probably no one will ever see anyway..  I'm also considering doing some breyer/stone customs before I jump headlong into sculpts..

This doesn't mean I'll give up tack. I'll probably make more tack here and there and retirement is a good 10 years away so don't worry.. more pieces to come :)

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