Sunday, March 27, 2022

Where to even start and The Miniature Barrel Racing Saddle


So much has happened since 2015.  There have been a lot of changes in my life. Some I initiated and some I didn't.  As a lady of "A certain age" a lot of my life, thinking and general existence has completely been upended.
I've had to work hard to come back to a stable place but that stability is tenuous. 
So I will start with the last couple of months of miniatures making.
I have chugged away at my Sunflower Barrel Racing set. (above) I've finally become happy with it and it has an owner who just LOVES sunflowers!  I'm excited to be working on this for her! 
I have also managed to learn a new knot.  Well actually learn a new 'knotting process" from Tom Hall.  It used to be that I only knew the shorter, wider knots but I'm thrilled to have learned to now do a "long" knot.  I'm dying to do some Romel reins with these knots but it'll have to wait.  This is a 19 part 4 Bight "casa" knot.  I eventually ended up doing about 23 or 25 part 4 bight knot for the tiedown for the Sunflower Barrel Saddle that I've been working on.  Below are some photos of what I was trying to Accomplish.

Finished photos will come later of course :)


  1. Glad to see you back! Beautiful saddle. Makes me think of Ukraine what with all the sunflowers. 🌻🙂


Thanks for saying so!