Monday, October 02, 2006

Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!

OMG Things have been so busy.. but not really artistically.. just general life. My camera needs repair. My new "Solar Flare" of a flash revealed that somewhere, in my camera is dust and it makes it look like everything I took pictures of this past weekend was haunted... (you know.. orbs.. ? ok.. sorry.. obscure reference).

ok. Not EVERY picture.. but the some of the ones indoors. The guy I spoke with Presicion Photos on Goss Avenue seemed very knowledgable so at the very least cleaning my camera is a good idea.

I'm almost done assembling the roping saddle but I have more to figure out with the stirrups. Roping folks have these new, nifty slanted stirrups so that when they stand in the saddle to throw their ropes they are more balanced. I worry about doing this on a custom order because of some uneducated model horse judges and versatility of the saddle set for other performance setups. THats not to say that all model horse judges are uneducated.. but sometimes one runs into someone that doesn't know about western events.

I am definitely going nuts without my camera though. I made some progress last night on the saddle set and I want SO BAD to take pictures of it!

The selling of the photo cd's has slowed down considerably. Actually, no body wants any this week. I have to work on getting the site into the search engines but Gallery 2.0 is new to me so this is going to be a chore. I'm trying to sling shot it off of my other sites in hopes that people will find the photo cds and want to buy them.

This weekend is the St James Court Art show! It's the second largest art show in the country. It is at least 6 blocks of art show and features some of the best artists in the country! Folks have to be juried in to be able to sell there. Some day, I'll have enough inventory to sell at that place, I just know it!

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