Sunday, October 08, 2006

Growth ?

Over the las t month or so, I've felt more indecisive about my miniatures. I feel alienated from the model horse hobby and fairly under-appreciated. I guess like any social group, it is sometimes "clique-y" and I suppose I feel like I don't fit into any of their cliques. I've always felt like this about social situations.. Like I'm too much of a 'tard to really understand what everyone else does.

Very recently I've had an experience that makes me more grateful for my close friends and for my husband. I can't get into details but suffice to say that it's made me rethink my involvement in the model horse hobby.

It's also making me think about selling some of my collection and to focus on my miniatures as art instead of pleasing my hobby.

Maybe I'm just out of touch because I haven't taken orders in so long? The pieces I do offer are not very in demand, although I feel like they are some of the best. Again, it could be the "clique thing" or hype or maybe folks think I'm just weird?.. LOL

I wonder if all artists feel this way.

Today I should be able to get back up into the studio and work on my current saddle. My camera is still in the shop so I can't take any new pictures which is driving me crazy!

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  1. I understand where you are coming from. I feel indecisive and weird about my miniatures a lot. Sometimes I just need to get out of my own head and back away from them for a while, othertimes, a show seems to be what is ailing me. Not enough exposure to the voices outside my head. LOL. Keep up the outstanding work. Best Wishes,


Thanks for saying so!