Monday, October 16, 2006

Neck Problems

This past Friday I experienced one of the worst neck spasms that I've had in at least 4 months. I was in extreme pain and had nausea... I'm glad it held off until after the Arabian horse show but it really slowed me down.

I'm doing my neck excercises more regularly again and trying not to stay on the computer too much. (Which is difficult for an internet junkie like myself)...

I got some decent pictures at the arabian horse show on Thursday. Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY is my picture taking nemesis. I finally re-read the manual on my camera (duh) and figured out how to make the shutter speed faster. I got some good motion pictures but some are really grainy when blown up despite the fact that I had the camera set on 5meg pictures. I have bought a "solar flare" flash but thats not going to help me when I have to sit up in the nosebleed seats this coming friday and saturday. I also bought a zoom lens which I hope to gawd will be here this week before friday.

Anyway, here is one of my horse show shots.... I always forget how incredibly exquisite an arabian horse is until I see one in person...

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