Tuesday, November 14, 2006

And out of the Doldrums!

This week has actually been a good one!

I heard from the Museum that I'm working with so I'm encouraged that the project will go forward!

I've also made some grand progress on my roping saddle set and it has met with some praise from folks that have seen it. That always helps encourage me..hehehe

I've managed to get the entire saddle, and the headstall, two sets of reins and the tiedown noseband finished. I'm now working on the breastcollar and then onto the ropes and boots. I'm hoping to have it finished completely by December first so that I can move forward onto the Museum project.

I am thinking about doing either a Parade set or a couple of old style California Saddles. I am trying to find a way to get a hold of someone who has access to the Fleischer Saddle
Collection. I'm hoping that they would be willing to get a few pictures of a California Style saddle that is in the collection.

I wouldn't do an exact copy of the saddle but I would do one similar. I would need to know better as to what the stirrups look like as well as the tree and the Mochilla on the back. I really don't want to "wing" it. I also "think" that a nice spanish style braided bridle would look nice with it but I have no idea if it is historically accurate. More research must be done!(I am a research junkie).

Some of my hobby friends have come forward to Encourage me since I posted my whiney post about being unsure as to whether or not I want to continue to be active within my hobby. I want to take a moment and publically thank them.

So thank you to:

Robin Poehlein

Jennifer Danza

Anna Tackett

Karen Jensen

Susan Bensema Young

Ann Bilon

Kate Cabot

Susan Gage

Thank you MUCHO for your interest in my little saddles and bridles. It means a lot to hear from you guys!

I also have opened up my yahoo group to be a discussion list. So far it hasn't been too chatty but hopefully as folks get to know me they'll open up more.

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