Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dang.. this is harder than I thought!

I am cruisin down the homestretch of my roping set. I have one set of skid boots to go and then I'll be Fini!! I am very pleased with the way everything has turned out on the set. As usual my latest saddle is always my favorite and this one is no exception.  I'm very pleased with it and I sincerely hope it's new owner likes it as much as I do <G>


I'm still having a really hard time getting reference material, like a painting, of a bridle from the 1820-1860's in California.(I've googled, rancho, ranchero, vaquero, caballero, californio, old california, old rancho) So if you're in California and you know where I could lay my hands on such materials, please let me know! (please please please!)  I've done a lot of internet researching and I've found a person who is really knowledgable about that time period but I feel like I need tangible proof or at least something I can point to and say "This is what I used for reference".


Finding saddle reference for that time period is much easier but not simple.  I'm really looking forward to digging into that new project!!

I need to do two western show halters first as "Thank yous" to two people that went out of their way to be kind to me. You know who you are..

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