Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Looking for some information..

Firstly! I want to say THANK YOU to those of you that actually read this drivel! It has really made my month that folks actually read my blog! I had no idea! I thought this was merely for me..hehehe

I am looking for information on "Californos" or "Vaquero" tack from the 1820's through 1860's. Specifically the bridles that they used. I believe that they used Spade Bits with the Bosilla with their mother hubbard/mexican style saddles. I'm having a really hard time finding some visual reference that relates to this period in California. I am in Kentucky and we rarely get anything "western" or "southwestern" around here. I've googled my brains out but I still really can't find more than one or two paintings. I just don't want to do the wrong kind of bridle for the saddle that I have in mind.

Thank you ANN BILON For loaning me your cowboy book. I looked at it with much Joy and awe the other night.. I didn't get all of the way through it either!

Happy Thanksgiving week for those of you that celebrate it. We (my family) do celebrate it although it does leave me a bit conflicted. (as do most standard holidays).

I have finished up two ropes for my roping set. One with Wire braided in, and one without. I am working on tooling the third breast collar. (Yes, third. The first two weren't right) I think this one will be the right one though.

"Regular" 40 hour a week Work has been very busy and weighing heavily on my mind. Does anyone really like their job? I can't make miniature saddles for a living unfortunately - I am too slow and exacting - so I guess I'll just trudge on. At least I get to work from home, and I am paid well..

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