Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nuthin accomplished

Unfortunately, I had a lot of pain this weekend that prevented me from getting anything accomplished in the studio. I spent an hour up there today but my stomach muscles and innards started to hurt quite a bit and I had to stop and lay down. I'm pretty frustrated about that but at this point (7pm est sunday night) it can't be helped.

I'll be getting my stitches out tommorrow morning and I really can't wait although I am really apprehensive about the pain. Hopefully having these stiff nylon stitches gone will result in a lot less pain.

I was able to actually put on some very soft bermuda style pants today so that I could go to my favorite restaurant for their Mexican Brunch. If you're ever in Shelbyville, KY for Lunch, I suggest you go to Marimba's brunch. I love it so much that we go every sunday. I actually start to crave it if we miss a sunday!

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