Monday, August 06, 2007

Not going to be a good week

This past saturday I spent running around to friends houses. I don't do nearly enough of this. I'm very prone to being a hermit for some reason. I don't call folks, I don't answer the phone and I definitely don't go "visiting" very often. I'm lucky and grateful for the friends i DO have!

Saturday night though, me and my bestest friends went to the Shelbyville (ky) Horse Show. I took about 260 photos and only got about 2 really good ones.. Ha! My camera and I were arguing quite a bit. I wore it out when I went to the 2006 Arabian Horse Nationals. It now does not like to focus or take pictures when I tell it to. The weather was africa hot but then it rained briefly and cooled everything off.

Sunday, I was just exahusted so I "veg'd" most of the day. I hate not being productive but my brain just couldn't focus on what I was doing and I kept having to start over. I finally quit and went to take a nap.

At the end of this week I will be having surgery and probably be laid up for a week or so. Wish me luck!

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