Friday, February 01, 2008

Happy Feb 1, 2008!

Hi Folks!
Happy Feb 1st!

The last two months have been exceptionally busy and life changing for me, as you can imagine. RJ was suffering from colic every night and we've gone through four different formulas. The last formula seems to be working because the poor little guy isn't as colicky as he was on the others. He had a lot of gas and tummy issues. He's still waking me up several times overnight but that is more my fault than his. As expected, I'm a bit overly protective of him, so if he makes a weird noise I have to wake up to investigate.

This means I'm not getting a lot of sleep. I'm very grateful to my husband who takes over watching munchkin when he comes home from work, after dinner, so that I can get some solid sleep before taking over "third shift" again.

My son has brought a whole lot of joy to my life and I really shouldn't have waited till I was 37 to do this! (but I really think I wasn't ready till now.. I'ma bit of a late bloomer)

I am not going back to regular work as I thought that I might. It just hasn't worked out with my former employer so for now I'm staying home to raise munchkin.

This also means that I may get a bit more time in the studio. This week I've gotten up there for about an hour a day. My son comes with me and listens to music with me. Sometimes he sleeps and lets me work and sometimes he complains. On the weekends I should have more time cause hubby is home to help me watch munchkin.

The good news is that I have finished the knots on the new Lady Phase halter, but I don't know when it'll be finished.

Secondly, my staying home means that I'm gonna need money. Currently the only way I can legally get money is to make model horse tack .

My plan is to make a piece of tack for sale and offer it via lottery to folks only on my yahoo lists as a thank you for their continued loyalty. This will probably be in march because I need to finish the mother hubbard set II for it's owner first :) ( I swear I haven't forgotten! - I just need to learn one more interweave and make the bit!)

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  1. Glad to see you blogging again. Sorry about the colic. I promised El Burrito a puppy if he would skip the colic thing. So, I owe him a puppy, as soon as we move. (Actually, it's our second puppy, but it's a long story as to what happened with the first one.)

    Have you got one of those bouncer seats? El Burrito love his; it had a vibrating attachment, too, with music. Some days it was the only way I could get anything done. Amazing invention, maybe even better than the swing.


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