Friday, February 22, 2008

Ice Storm

Last night and part of the early morning today Louisville, Ky experienced an Ice storm. You northern folk might be giving me the "big whup" signal, but here in Louisville, this is a fairly rare occurrence. Louisville is in a geological/weather "bowl" of sorts. Mostly any "weather" (meaning storms or bad weather) goes around us - North to Indiana, and South to Bullet county. (Louisville is in Jefferson County). It literally usually just skirts us and we get the edge of the storms. (Except for the winter of 1994 but that's a different story).

I precariously went out on our back deck and our front yard today while munchkin slept this morning. The first picture shown is one of the pictures I took. Even though it's raining now, it's only 35 degrees and for some reason the ice is hanging around. Which is good for those of us that have the time to play with our cameras.
The second picture (which is horrible, my apologies)is a miniature bosal in progress that was designated for my "Mother Hubbard II" set. It marks the first time I've done an interweave heel knot on a bosal. I really haven't made that many bosals in my "career" of making miniatures. I think I've made about 10 total. This bosal was supposed to be a "bosalita" or "bosilla" or "Pencil Bosal" that marks a horse near the end of his bosal training, before he becomes a full "Bridle horse". I feel as though the heel knot is too large and I want a fancier bosal for my mother Hubbard set.
Therefore this bosal has turned into a regular bosal (in my mind) and will be donated to the Model Horse anonymous Live model horse show hosted by Heather Jackson-Lain. I had totally sworn off any donations to any shows this year because my schedule is so wonky but everything kind of fell into place for me to do this so I am. :-) The great thing is that I can finish up this bosal and make a twisted mecate for it which will give me some practice for the new bosal I'm going to make for the Mother Hubbard set. It lacks a couple of details that I want to put on it, but otherwise the headstall portion of it is pretty much finished.
I'm happy to report that Susan Bensema Young saw my last blog post, took pity on me and has graciously sent me the formula for a single interweave on a turks head knot in an email. I still can't find that original piece of paper. I've literally looked everywhere at this point. I wonder if I brought it with me somewhere and forgot it or it dropped down underneath something. I hope that I didn't throw it out with a bunch of other papers!
Anyway, if you're reading, THANK YOU SUSAN!!!!! You are always so gracious to me with your time and your knowledge, I don't know that I could ever repay you! (but I'm gonna try!) :-)
I now have high hopes for the new bosal that I'm going to make. I have it all pretty well planned out in my noggin and I hope that I can bring it to fruition.
My son is doing really well and life around here has definitely changed for the better. I'm still really, really tired but he's sleeping longer at night inbetween feedings so I'm not as tired as I was before. He really brings a lot of joy to the house and to our lives. He's learned to smile at us and laugh a little. It's very heartwarming and makes all of the sleepless nights worth it.

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