Saturday, February 16, 2008

Ok, I admit it...

When Susan Bensema-Young came to visit me this past year during Breyerfest week 2007 she was kind enough to write out a "primer" for knot interweaving. I cherished this piece of paper because I thought it was SO NICE Of Susan to provide me with this information even though, at the time, I didn't entirely understand it. I KNEW though that it would be important to me when I was ready for it.

Well, This past week I was finally ready for it. And yes, you guessed it, I can't find the Damned thing! I had it in my "Inspiration/reference" binder and I must've taken it out at some point, thinking that I would do some knots and I've now entirely forgotten where I put it. I have now been searching for it for four days and I can't find it anywhere. Its not in any of the numerous piles of stuff in my studio or in any of the magazines that I normally read. Of course, it's not also in it's place, in my inspiration binder. It's not in my English/other pattern binder or my western saddle pattern binder either.

I was really bummed because I was really ready to start on some new interweaves for the NEW bosal that I'm going to be doing for my mother hubbard set. I have bought THREE books on how to braid leather, not realizing that only one, The Encyclopedia of Leather Braiding would've been fine. I also have "How to make Cowboy horse tack" and I found the section in it on bosals. (well, I found it because I went looking for it). I am going to attempt a miniature bosal made very similar to a real bosal. I wanted to do a certain interweave on the side buttons of the bosal. I feel as though the mother hubbard set "deserves" more sophisticated and realistic knots than those I've made in the past.

Luckily, I have a piece by Susan Bensema Young. A lovely leather/woven knot bridle in which she employed the herring bone interweave and the single interweave that I was looking for. Thanks to her excellent teaching I was able to look at her knots with the single interweave and I *think* I've figured out how to do a single interweave on a four bight five part knot. I've semi-successfully done this intweave twice now on a scrap piece of leather lacing and I'm ready to try it on a bosal.

Because of doing this, my brain automatically went to pondering a two color herringbone interweave. At first, I thought that I had it figured out, but sometimes what I have contemplated in my brain doesn't translated into real life. So that is going to take more cooking and figuring in my subconscious.

Well, it's Saturday again which means I take Munchkin to his Grandparents house. I have to run to the store first to get a Birthday card and more mylicon. I think this will be the first time I've actually gone to the store since my son was born. His dad has been wonderful enough to have done all of the food shopping up until this point! I'm kinda looking forward to going to a grocery store again! ha!!

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