Monday, June 02, 2008

Bigole' Update

I've been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest!

Firstly - I am about 1/2 of the way through that Lottery Halter. I'm so glad that I didn't sell it before I made it! LOL! Mr. Boy is demanding a lot more of my time. He's growing exponetionally and his mind demands more stimulation. It's hard to take him into the studio and concentrate because he wants me to interact with him when I want to work.. ha! So my studio time, which was already trimmed down, is MUCH more trimmed down now. I am definitely going to finish that halter though and it will definitely be available as soon as I do. It's just taking more time than anticipated.

I am also venturing into photography. I know, you're saying "but Heather, you already take a Jillion photos at model horse shows and horse events!" - well you're right but now instead of just Documenting, I'm going to be trying to take GOOD print quality photos. Also, the truth is that I need the moola because I don't have a "normal" job right now and photos are easer to sell than tack because they take a lot less time. (and really, who doesn't LIKE taking pictures?) I am NOT giving up tack however.

This past Saturday, My friend Robin and Anna and I went to visit a Saddlebred farm in Simpsonville, KY. I got about 24 good shots from there of mares and foals. IF you're interested in seeing the photos and you end up liking any of them enough to want some sort of Product or print, let me know. I have a cafe press store now and I have print pricing up. If you want to know when I have more photos available from the shows and horsie places I go to, Let me know ( and I'll start a list or a yahoo group or something. I have a new, 10.2 megapixel DSLR so the photos are better quality now. I'm also going to take a photography class on photographing the equine.

cafe Press store: (please note I can only display a few things at a time on Cafe Press so if you want an image or product you don't see let me know. I'll get it up For you!)

I also like cats quite a bit, having two of my own (Don't worry, I like dogs too, I just don't own any). The good part is that they are very "graphic" in that black cats against any background makes for a cool picture most of the time. So I am also going to offer prints of the good pictures of my kitties and you can see them here: One picture that has been getting a lot of attention on and is this one:

I'm also going to be taking pictures of "other things" and if you to the main site you can see the other misc stuff that I've been honing my eye on.

Thats about it other than I WILL be at NAN and Breyerfest so PLEASE say hi to me. SO few people do and I Really do have time to say hi to everyone :-)

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