Saturday, June 14, 2008

Like Fire!

(the above photo is my kitty, sahara and is entitled "Afternoon Yoga")

Holy Cow has my brain embraced photography! I had no idea that I enjoyed it as much as I do. This new camera is opening all kinds of creative and mental doors!! I've been obsessed!! I've photographed everything from kitty faces to spiderwebs and everything inbetween! I've always said that one is only as good as their tools and cameras definitely show this to be true! And whooo boy I thought model horses were expensive! LOL!!

Speaking of which, I'm going to narrow down my collection during Breyerfest this year. Most of them are just sitting around collecting dust in the basement anyway and we need to remodel the basement so they have to go somewhere!

Don't worry, I'm definitely not giving up tack. I enjoy making miniatures waaayyyy too much and besides, if my dream comes true and I become a professional photographer, I'm still going to need a hobby :-)

I have been working diligently on the braided bridle inbetween my equine photography class. I have just the chinstrap and a more decorations on the browband to go before it's finished.

Tomorrow is Fathers day! It will be my husband's first fathers day and I hope it turns out to be special for him. :-)

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