Thursday, January 08, 2009

IN progress pictures

I've actually, happily, been busy this week in the studio. Since all of the TV Shows that my husband and I watch together are on hiatus(thats our "together" time.. hubby LOVES tv..), I've been spending the evenings in the studio.

The Donation for Heather Jackson Lain's show is coming right along although it did give me a bit of trouble. I am using the "slit braid" method of attaching the hanger to the bosal and I finished one side late one night and then started the other side. My dumb brain couldn't remember how I did the first side so quite a bit of time was lost figuring it out so that I could duplicate it on the second side. duhhh.. hahahaha

I was going to use two colored rings but again, after I got part of it together, I didn't like the way it looked so I made solid colored rings instead.

The halter is for Jamie Stine. Jaimie has been nice enough over the years to always comment about my posts to my yahoo group or about the halters that I have put up for sale so I wanted to reward her by making her a custom halter for her Honey Bay Lady phase. As I mentioned a couple of posts ago I am considering doing a lottery every couple of months for custom halters so I just consider Jaimie's halter my first. The knots on her halter are blue, purple and white which is a very striking combination.

After I finish up these two projects I'm going to go back and try to learn the 4 bight long knot. I see it everywhere on tack and I feel like I really need to figure it out before I make any more braided bridles.
The little bit shank will have to be redone. Unfortunately I wasn't watching where I was dremeling close enough and I kinda screwed it up.

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  1. That is just about the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Those look like the real thing.


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