Monday, January 19, 2009

Jumbled, backed up ideas

Above is a photo of some etching that I did on Sunday, while my husband played with/distracted my Son. I've been really trying to make my etching/engraving look a lot more refined. It's difficult with my dremel engraver because it has LOT Of vibration that just KILLS my hand.(Ie is really painful) Just when I get the flow of doing some engraving going well, my hand starts to ache really badly. I'm going to have to look into getting something with less vibration but with the same, if not more, control. I've come a long way though since those days with just a regular dremel!

I took the two above photos of my workstation while I was working on a woven halter. (you can see that too. It's now most of the way finished). The bright colors of the thread are really inspiring to me. I have SOOO many ideas in my head for braided tack that I can hardly contain myself and focus on the tasks in front of me. That is a really, really nice

I'm still working on the mecate for the red bosal mentally. There HAS To be a way to do it and keep the right amount of tension on it. It's SOOO hard to do by hand though. I've looked at videos of how machines make them and I just WISH I had some kind of motorized or hand cranked contraption to help me. Maybe an engineering class of some sort is in my future? We'll have to see..

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