Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PICTURES of the NAN Donation!

This year's theme was proposed to me by Barb Ness.. She was thinking about three kinds of performance halters that folks could have and do an "instant" showmanship package!


I settled on the color green, since it's one of my favorite colors and it's a very popular color for tack right now. Not too flashy but flashy enough to be appealing :-)


The First halter, is an all silver, adjustable arabian show halter with hand made silver conchos. It fits the Breyer Huckleberry Bey Mold and as you can see, it'll fit a Khemo resin nicely. All silver has been coated so that it doesn't tarnish, and the crystals on the halter are real swarovskis.


The next halter is a hand woven native arabian halter. This halter has wrapped tassles on each side, hand made "cowrie shells" and real silver, hand made sharks teeth. (Those of you on facebook know I've been complaining about how these suckers like to fly across the room, never to be seen again.) All silver has been coated to retard tarnishing so the sharks teeth will stay nice for you for some time to come.


The last halter is a woven knot and will have western silver plates on the side pieces and on the noseband. The buckles, and keepers on this halter are REAL Silver! And the buckles are just as sturdy as the Rio Rondo Pewter buckles. I used a heavier gague silver this time so that they could withstand some use! This halter will come with a lead and fits the Lady Phase Mold.


THank you to Barb who is giving me an extra week to get this all finished!!!

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  1. They all look GREAT, Heather! What a nice donation. I love that it will be equally attractive to both halter and performance showers!


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