Thursday, July 16, 2009

Breyerfest 2009 Day 1: Visit with Susan Young

Oh Mah Gawsh today was so inspiring and Enlightening!! Susan and I talked tack for Hours and then went "hall Crawling". Above is a photo of "The Master's" Hands. (Susan's hands) and one of her Many incredible creations. SHe and I exchanged ideas and thoughts about tackmaking as well as silverworking, bit making and mecate making - all in miniature of course!!

Then I was fortunate enough to Meet Lydia Auten Ernst thanks to Susan! Her Scrapbook of her work is SO inspiring!! It showed me that I need to keep better detailed notes on my own work as well as better pictures!

Tomorrow are the Tent times and I'll be meeting up with my Close Friends, Robin Hudson, Anna Tackett and Karen Jensen! I can't wait!

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