Sunday, October 02, 2011

Cleaning and Organizing.. which leads to...

Rediscovery of things that I've long forgotten about..... Like.... ALL of the Rio Rondo Kits I've collected over the years after buying out other tackmakers that are leaving the hobby, or that I've just been fortunate enough to have people give me.

I sat down last night to work and found that I absolutely had NO room to work anymore and there are parts of projects on top of parts of projects and it just had to be cleaned!

This is a piece of cardboard that I've used to cut out templates for the bit shanks that I've made.  They really just end up giving me a general shape to work with as I dremel out the silver.  I draw the pattern on the silver with a pin or sharp object, then I dremel my heart out until it looks somewhat like a bit shank. I am NOT Fond of that method.  All of the dremeled/wasted silver makes me crazy.  I hate that it all ends up as wasted dust!

 Here you can see part of my work desk and the spice rack that I got a long time ago at a flea market.  I used to use it for my bits and stuff and for some inexplicable reason I stopped doing so.  I'm going to start using it again and this time, I'm labeling the dang drawers!!  Also, there is a blueprint type setting cabinet at the top.  That top, skinny drawer is sectioned into several small compartments, perfect for keeping rio rondo hardware in sheets.  Also it's from "Hamilton Printing" in Hamilton Ohio. (right near Cincy).  My Grandfather was the engineer/janitor there right after WWII until he retired.  I was thrilled when I found it!

I have three, three inch, three ring binders.  One holds all of the patterns of my western saddles and tack.  One holds the patterns of all of the english tack and arabian tack that I've made.  The last is my "inspiration" binder.  It holds pictures and references of things that I want to make some day.

...and here is a photo of the insanity that is my studio.  This morning however, I've been working dilligently on organizing and cleaning it up as well as re-arranging it.  I "re-found" my tiny letters and number stamps that I bought at a flea market.  I thought the & symbol and the X and maybe even the z would make a cool border pattern...

More photos soon now that it's getting cleaned up and organized!

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