Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little bit "Studio Tour"

This is my "inspiration Board"

 There is everything on my Inspiration Board from willard Wigand's tiny art, to Japanese Paper craft and Tandy Leather Patterns.  There is also a Snowflake that my Friend Karen Jensen Made, Some Real, BEAUTIFUL Horsehair Given to me by Carol Tuft "Donated" by her Mustang When she was thinning out his tail.

Tiny Number stamps found at a Flea Market years ago.  I figured that these would make great border patterns for saddles, and they do!

1/8th Sized Letter Stamps.  Still need to Experiment with these

Both Sets Together with a Quarter for Comparison.

The top drawer of my Printers Cabinet.  Thats AFTER I cleaned it out.  You can see some of my old, unused saddleseat cutback trees.  I have a new design for them now.
The New Setup for Kitties and me. I know that this looks like a mess still but it's still a lot more organized than it use to be.  My cats have a tendency to lay on me whenever I sit still for more than 3 minutes so I've had to come up with ways that they can be near me but not ON me when I work.

The Original Pieces to Chelsea Nichol's reining saddle but the Fenders won't work with my new tree and the bottom saddle skirt is too small.

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