Saturday, October 01, 2011

Good Weekend

I have to say, the last couple of weekends have been really great.. better than I can completely say via words.. so being someone that loves photos... I'll try to use pictures instead...

BOMB (Bluegrass Outrageous Model Bonanza) Model Horse show:

My beautiful Beasties did really well at the show- Held by Rebecca Jann and featuring a bunch of Region 7 PEople that I seriously adore:

I really don't show off Tom Bainbridge's Work enough.  I would be happy if my whole collection were painted by him.... and to be honest, it practically is.  In this photo is my Stunning Jahangir painted by the Carolyn Boydston and my Rose Khemosabi Painted by Tom B.

This shows the "Dueling" Indys.  My indy, By Tom B; a gorgeous Silver Dapple and Shannon DeWaal Hayden's Indy "Buddy".

My Eberl Maestoso painted one of Tom B's signature Greys.

My Sarah Rose UVM YEsteryear painted to a beautiful smutty buckskin Painted by My Friend Jennifer Danza

My Beautiful Matriarch painted to a subtle dappled palomino by Carol Williams herself!f

Clearly I did pretty well at the show and I am just grateful that I can be the Curator and Keeper of such beautiful art!

More to come tomorrow when I'm more awake!

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