Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy Busy and Some More Busy!

Hucks Connection V

Marhaabah and JA Urbino

JA Urbino

Half Arabian Costume Class winner
My weekends and weeks have been packed.  More Packed than I like and much busier than I really can keep up with.. but such is life.  THE above photos are from the 2012 Arabian Celebration held here in Louisville, KY last weekend.  It was a thrill to see the horses local again!

I am currently wrestling with my first double bridle in a long long time.. it'll be black and it is for a long time customer..

Last week anthony was out of town so I didn't get anything done in the studio at all.... but I finally had a breakthrough at about 8pm tonight so hopefully the rest will come together a bit easier..


  1. More packed than 2 weeks ago? :D My favorite thing about 2 of these photos is that they capture that sort of grimace face horses make... drawing the corners of their mouth back impossibly far with the tension of the moment. Anyhow, cool stuff!

  2. ok.. well about AS busy but work is busier and takes more brain power.. lol!!

    THose were stallions that were probably a bit tense about being around other stallions.. but you're right.. decidedly a sort of grimace or at least an emotional, silent comment on what was going on..


Thanks for saying so!