Sunday, September 02, 2012

Drivel and change

Ann B's reins and knots that didn't make the cut

Ann B's Reins in progress and a project bridle for me.

Chelsea N's reining saddle set, in the box almost ready to go.

Ann B's reins in progress

Sahara Kitty in the studio.  She's my tack thief!
I've been ruminating a lot about my life.  At my age apparently people change their lives.  I understand why now.  So much has happened to me mentally and emotionally.  Lots of leaps and bound forward.  I finally like the direction I'm moving in, although I'm at the beginning of the path...

Anyway, lots happening in the studio but I'm staying absolutely focused on the two orders that I need to complete before I start to indulge my creativity some more... but these will probably be my best rein set and double bridles yet!  Stay tuned!

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