Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weekend with a Friend

This past weekend I have the Privilege to spend a few days with Morgen Kilbourn.  In case you live under a rock and are unaware of this really talented lady, Morgen is a Sculptor of equine art.  During Breyerfest this past year, Robin Hudson and I decided to try to persuade Morgen to sculpt a saddlebred of some sort.  Luckily for Us, Morgen Entered the American Academy of Equine Art's Juried Art show and won so Morgen had a reason to come to KY and visit.

Morgen and I have always gotten along via email and she was nice enough to trade a Hazel resin for a couple of bridles with braidwork..  Then last year, 2011, Morgen allowed me to hang out with her when I was at Breyerfest by myself.  This was poignant to me because of the Loss of my dad.  Morgen also lost a parent last year so she knew what I was going through.  We were a bit kismet...  MOrgen will always have a special place in my heart.

Anyway, Morgen drove in last thursday and we spent last Friday and Saturday together.  I want to emphasize how rare this is for me.  I am sickly, moody, introverted critter most of the time.  People rarely are invited to my house, let alone invited to stay a couple of days.  MOrgen was the Perfect house guest and I hope that the night poor RJ's in intercom was muted and resulted in screaming and crying won't scar her for life.!

We spent last friday at Premier Stables and then Willowbank Saddlebred Farm.  In the evening we went to the Art Reception for the AAEA in Georgetown where Morgen won a Prize for best sculpture.

Then saturday I treated her to a non-Breyerfest tour of the Ky Horse park. (We also went to an Irish Draught show but there were only about 6 -8 horses and it wasn't much of a show that day)

I think I wore her out as well as myself.  There was a sickly night on my part due to some weird food at the art reception but luckily Anthony Saved the Day and Morgen was nice enough to not be upset  when I had to RUN to the bathroom and then pass out in bed. (caviar apparently doesn't agree with me)

I sent Morgen home with about 20 Gig of saddlebred photos and hopefully some fond memories.  I know that I will hope that Morgen visits a lot more because I had a wonderful time.

Above are a few photos from our adventures. I'm still getting to know my camera so some things didn't turn out as colorful as I would have wanted.. going to have to read the manual I guess..

On the tack front, I have repaired an older bridle owned by Robin Smith that she's shown with for a long time.  I think it's literally lasted almost ten years without breaking and the buckle that only broke due to wear and use.   I've replaced it with some thicker, tougher but still elegant leather so hopefully it will never break again.  I've also just started on another bridle that will be like that one except in black leather instead.

This weekend is the Arabian Celebration at the Ky Fair and Expo center.. and I'm sure I don't have to tell you that I can't WAIT to see that!


  1. I had the bestest time babe!

    It cracks me up the pictures you chose to post here (although they are so sweet!), there are SO many she got guys of horses in glorious running poses... really neat gaited poses of RMH horses. ASBs in all gaits and nekkid.. so much more. A giant Cockatoo (teal?) on my arm that was a leeeetttle scary to me (I like my eyes & nose and fear the big beaks no matter how much these critters always insist on sitting on me it's SCARY!).

    Heather was a huge help in getting me to the show on time and providing a place to stay (I'm so used to splitting these hotels 3-5 ways!). ;) And then she was awesome enough to line up a ton of places to go visit. Despite some of the food at one point making her pretty sick she was STILL trying to entertain me to the end.

    Anyhow, I had a wonderful time and thank you SO much for offering. You bet I want to come out again! :D ((big hugs!!))

  2. Anonymous9:28 PM

    I love those swishy tail photos! What a fun outing!


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