Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Promise..

I've been reading a whole lot of blogs lately. Not just miniaturist blogs, but blogs of all kinds. I must be nuts but I'm thinking about doing a "How I do this" kind of post in the near future. So I promise to do one. I have no clue what I'm going to show folks but I'll think of something.

I also read back through my other blog posts and they're pretty boring. I'll try to liven it up around here a bit.

I'm seriously exhausted today. boy decided that he didn't want to sleep past 4:45am so I heard him in the monitor at that time, and at 5 am.. and every 15 minutes afterwards. (as he did yesterday morning as well..) So I'm not going to be informative or interesting today but I promise it's coming soon......... :-)


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  2. Stopping by via SITS....I hope you have a wonderful weekend...and get some rest...looking forward to reading more

  3. Oh, cute Horse...I love horses! Thanks for vising my blog...yours is cute too! I hear ya with the waking up wee hours of the morning :-( Try and get some relaxation in today...that's my plan, hehe. Although they did let me sleep in a bit today so...I'm thankful for that :-)

  4. OK so don't make fun of me, but I had to look up what a miniaturist was. How intriguing! I'm always so jealous when people get to do what they love. Inspiring. Amazing.


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