Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Real Quick!

Firstly, Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope that your days have been lovely and filled with happiness!

Secondly, I haven't got a good update for this week. I have spent the last four days in the grips of migraine/shoulder problem and I've spent most of it in bed. This is extremely frustrating for me because Hubby is home and I could've spent a good amount of time in the studio.

Right now my shoulders are very "touch and go" and I hope that it is finished with me for this month.. Those of you that remember me from breyerfest a few years ago when I had the same problem know how much pain I've been in. This is one of the major reasons I don't take orders. This "condition" strikes randomly and doesn't go away with medication or sleep. I think I may have to get physical therapy again to get control of it.

ANyway, I will be donating to Heather Jackson Lain's show. I intend to do a bosal of some sort. I started it once already but I didn't like the way it was coming along so I tore it up..

I am also planning on donating to the NAN auction this year if they'll have me :-)

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  1. Oh Heather! I hope you feel well soon! I know what that feels like.. to be in pain all the time, I have fibromyligia and since September my right shoulder has been killing me.. I had thought maybe I had re-torn my rotator cuff... nope doc says its tendentious! yes oh ( what do I do.. lol ck out my blog. I irritated it doing that!) that on top of the fibro.. I have days I just have to lay in bed, cant do much of anything.. so I read and use a big hair clippy thingy to hold the book open since it hurts my hands.. lol.....its also one reason besides wanting to get some new os's done Im not taking many commissions in 09... the ones I do take, they have to understand it may take me awhile.. I don't like to leave jobs sitting for long though.. so. hang in there! and try not to stress about it it will just make it worse and sure wont help! have a Merry Christmas too! . lets hope 09 is a better rear than 08 was and this world comes ot its senses! lol
    Rebecca Turner


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