Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictures of the Knots!

Above is a picture of three knots that are double interwoven. Please forgive the colors on them, the camera distorted them. The colors in person are much more attractive.

It turns out that my first attempts to do a double interweave were wrong. I figured it out the next day after I looked closely at some real double interwoven knots. The interweave should "float" (or what I call float) one on top of the other. My first attempts at it were sorta "winged" and therefore wrong. I went back to one of my Gail Hought Books and I was able to quickly understand why my attempts were wrong and learn the right way. This is thanks to already knowing the basic knot really well and the interweaving really well from her books. It's also in part to Susan Bensema Young and I talking on the phone so many times about knots and weaving.

As you can imagine, my brain is ON FIRE again at what I can accomplish and it's also given me a boost to learn that four bight long knot. I now understand that the more bights on a knot, the wider the knot will be. Wider is not better for Miniature scales and I better understand the "knot conversation" that Susan I had earlier in December. (I allude to these conversations because I know that Sue Reads my blogs )

I'm finding that knot work is a good "Filler" for the desires I have to do silver working but I am unable to until I set up a metal working/dremel station in the basement. (Due to my son not at all liking the sound of the engraver, pounding of metal and dremel).

If you haven't noticed, I treat my "creative" side as though it were an entity unto itself instead of being part of my own brain. I don't know if all artists feel this way but my "muse" definitely has her own mind and desires and more often than not commandeers me into doing what she wants to do instead of what I have planned out. She was on vacation for most of the time I was pregnant and I'm glad she's back. I should probably name her because I name everything... I'll get back to you on that.

MY husband and I mapped out a plan for a room down there but we're finding that the electrical supply is limited so moving my whole studio down there isn't feasible right now. This whole house is such an "issue" and a "conundrum" since the housing market tanked... oy.. I won't get started..

Anyway, look for more braided miniature tack in 2009. I understand now why it consumes Sue like it does! hehehe

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