Monday, February 02, 2009

and moving forward

For once, I decided to make some tack for myself. Folks that know me really well know that I rarely keep my own tack. I get such satisfaction from giving to other people who like it or want a piece of my work, that I throroughly neglect myself. My husband's western pleasure set was an exception to that rule as are the pieces above. I have a green and black Sherri Wertz doll that I use for Western Pleasure so I try to match all of my tack to her.

The bridle will have split reins and romel reins and the bosal will be a show bosal. Everything will be complete with silver. I'll upload photos when I'm done. I would really like to eventually swap out the Rio Rondo bit with a bit of my own whenever I have the chance to make one.. but then again, I'd like to do some buckles too... sooo many ideas, sooo little time!

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