Monday, February 09, 2009

Still working on the Green tack

I don't have any new pictures to show but I have been working on my "Green" tack. I am also mentally working on making a bridle and breastcollar for my Terry Newberry saddle. I think I'll use it as a working saddle and make the bridle and breastcollar accordingly.

It's been slow going because Munchkin is older and is changing his nap habits. SOme days he takes three naps and some days he only takes one for 45 minutes. We also have a problem with him in that he won't sleep in his "Big" crib. He'll only sleep in the travel crib. If we put him in the "big" crib he really loses his mind and screams until he hyperventilates. I can't have that happening so I keep trying to put him in the "big" crib for short periods to get him to be ok with it. So far it hasn't worked.. LOL!! But I'm going to keep "pecking" away at it..

I also haven't found a job yet despite applying for a whole bunch of em..

I posted this to my Yahoo Group the other day:

Custom Orders for Small Pieces in the coming Months

I am seriously considering taking a couple of orders in the comingmonths for small things like halters and bridles(and yes, thatincludes double bridles) and maybe a bosal. I just have to work outmy schedule.

My very next project after the current projects on my plate will bethe items for the NAN auction. Then I should be free and clear to take orders from some folks with the understanding that it may take me a while to finish them. Any slots for custom work will be offered to the yahoo group first via lottery.

I am also going to maybe make a couple of sales pieces to auction off because I don't have a job and selling resins and OF model horses is slow right now. (as I'm sure everyone knows)

Thank you to everyone thats stayed on the list and supported me. I really really appreciate it which is why I offer things to the group before I offer stuff to the hobby at large. I hope everyone is enjoying mild weather like we are and that yourSaturday is relaxing!

Take care

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