Monday, February 16, 2009

Finished reins and a Donation Halter!

THese are photos of the Reins finished. The headstall is my own headstall and it just there to show what the reins will look like on a headstall and how they connect. (The headstall is NOT included.)These reins are splits.
I did have a few people write and let me know that they really liked the reins so I am going to lottery them off to my Yahoo Group and if you're on the blog but not the yahoo group and want to be in the lottery, just email me ( comment and I'll make sure your name gets in the "hat". I'm going to sell these for $22 and I'll just start taking names today and run through wednesday.

These pictures are photos of a donation to Shelly Hogle's show. This is an older halter made by me and one that I showed successfully with. I have refurbished it and I personally would not hesitate to show with it. For more info you can contact Shelley here:
I am almost finished with the headstall to the Bosal I'm working on that will match the headstall above. I still have to do another ear piece and then work on the mecate. Then it's onto the NAN auction stuff.

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  1. Hi Heather! I would love to be in the raffle for those reins, wowza! They are so cool! Thanks! -Erin Corbett


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